by beeprint

driving fills my days. i haul my life around in the corolla, almost always within a 3 mile radius of the health department where my desk is.

i have favorite spots off the road. i love the back wall of the old kmart building on 7th ave. the taxis park in the shade. a patchwork of grays covers the graffiti. the grass grows up tall and the wintertime sun throws shadows that turn concrete into art. i like to pull off the shoulder of izabel, where it backs up into the mesa. i can park there, roll down my windows and write my notes between visits.

i pass the same people on my drives. the man in the white mini-van who is always at the rt. 66 stop light before my tuesday 4 o’clock visit. the person on her/his bicycle, at 7:18 am, bundled up beyond recognition when i ride over the 4th st. bridge on my way to work in the morning.

there can be a lot of noise, a lot of pedal pushing, a lot of stop and go to my days. today i tried to focus on the shade, the long grass, and the pauses by side of the road.