glad songs for monday

by beeprint

yesterday afternoon i went through some boxes of my old stuff that my parents had found when they moved out of the old house. mostly it was old journals. i used to be quite prolific. i skimmed some of them and then decided to wait another 10 years before looking at them again.

in with my journals i found an old book that i used to love. Opal: The Journal of an Understanding Heart, Opal Whiteley, adapted by Jane Boulton. it is adapted journal of a funny girl who names trees and talks to chickens. she was born just before 1900. here is a paragraph that struck me as especially poem-like. a nice reminder of spring that will come on the other side of winter.

Morning is glad on the hills.
The sky sings in blue tones.
Little blue fleurs are early blooming now.
I do so like blue.
It is glad everywhere.
When I grow up I am going to write a book
about the glad of blues.
The earth sings in green.

– Opal Whiteley

[some green to tide us over]