snow days

by beeprint

we got a shit ton of snow last night. a certifiable blizzard. i bundled up and walked up the hill to the grocery store and bought cornmeal, frozen corn and fake sausage. we sat around the fire and watched the doggies dolphin leap through the snow.

today i shoveled. for close to 4 hours. first getting my car out and then at work, digging the county cars out of the parking lot. my wrists are sore. and now i am thinking that flagstaff needs some folks who know how to drive snowplows. (could i go back to school for snowplow driving?)

i came home to a bath, a beer, and baking banana bread for all the work potlucks that are coming up this week. not a bad evening at all.

[on my drive to work yesterday – barely light]

[on my walk to the store – the one spot that wasn’t white]