by beeprint

on this wednesday, when it’s already starting to snow again (nooooooo!), i will share some of my photos from the march  two weekends ago in phoenix. 

there were more families marching than any other march that i’ve ever participated in. it made me think about all the families that i work with, wondered if they would feel safe marching, putting themselves out there in a public way. and just how isolated the immigration policies in this state leave families. because of a new(ish) law in az, even more children are going without health care, more women are going without prenatal care, and i’ve heard of more and more women who won’t go to the hospital to have their babies because they fear being deported. 

this is a hard state to live in if you don’t happen to have papers.

[so many young folks]

[look at all the strollers]

[someone dressed up as arpio]

[no smiles from any of the police officers]