by beeprint

[beautiful photos by nellie appleby can be seen bigger here  and here]

i disappeared this week. i was lost in a world of trying to buy myself a new car. it’s not a fun world. it’s a world of studying the charts on consumer reports and kelly blue book. it’s a world of resisting  shark-y car salesmen who seem to have never heard the word  ‘No’ before and like to compare car shopping to shoe shopping. (because i frequently buy shoes that require me to spend my entire savings account in one fail swoop.)

this morning i stumbled across this video and the photos above via the magical world of facebook. they are a sweet cooling balm for my wary car-buyer’s skin. and they reminded me that i don’t go swimming nearly enough. the last time i was emersed in water that wasn’t in my bathtub was on this glorious morning.

this video makes me want to go find a pool to jump in and spend some time underwater this weekend. a good reminder to slow down and float.