by beeprint

food is important to me. even when i am busy and don’t have time, i know that eating yummy and healthy food will help me slow down and have a better day. this winter i’ve gotten into making my own frozen burritos. they taste way better than the ones i can buy at the store and instead of paying 2.99 a pop, i might pay 6-10 bucks for all the ingredients to make a dozen at home.  a couple of weeks ago i decided to use up all the tomatillos that lucy and i had gotten in our bountiful basket  to make some salsa.  i had a bunch of beans that i had made and frozen, i had a pack of tortillas, so all i needed was to make up a pot of rice. it was awesome. it took about 40 minutes start to finish and now i have a freezer stocked with burritos for the days when i don’t have left overs for lunch.


i was originally inspired to make  frozen burritos by this post over at  shutterbean. tracy’s photos are much better than mine and she has detailed instructions on the process.

also, check out miriam’s menu planning service  if you are in a food slump. she always has great ideas for delicious and easy ways to eat healthy. (scroll down if you don’t see the text right away).