by beeprint

a couple of weeks ago lucy and i had a dinner date and decided to make pizzas. they were devine. and totally vegan. lucy has a bomb tofu-rictotta recipe that she whipped up for the cheese effect.  it was so good. i didn’t miss the dairy at all.  

cheese-less  cheese sauce:
saute mushrooms (we used shiitake), onions, garlic and pine nuts until it is all soft and flavorful
toss this mixture into the food processor with a cube of silken tofu 
add nutritional yeast, salt and pepper to taste
and there you have it!

  • here is a more (ahem) precise recipe that is similar if you like measurements and that sort of thing…
  • i discovered this fun recipe for breakfast pizza on the smitten kitchen. eggs and pizza? sweet!

now i want pizza. even though i just ate lunch.