by beeprint

[liz with fruit, enjoying some sunshine at pumphouse wash]

i dropped my car off at the mechanic this morning and instead of getting a ride to work how i usually do, i decided to walk. the sun was bright, and little kids were waiting for their school bus on the sidewalk. a raven was up in a tree, having a breakfast of cheetos and squawking at me. i noticed a pull in my hamstrings from last night’s yoga class. four people rode by me on their bikes.  they were all wearing helmets (flagstaff is so responsible). it was a nice walk. 

walking today made me think about a video that meg showed me last night. made me think about how we use our public roadways, sidewalks, empty lots. how much my interaction with people changes if i walk instead of drive. all pretty obvious things, but majora carter’s TED speech takes it to the next level. it made me laugh and it absolutely brought tears to my eyes. it makes you really get environmental racism and environmental justice. it made me look at my surroundings in a different way.  it’s 19 minutes long, but i swear, it’s good. it’s worth those 19 minutes. you don’t get to hear this kind of passion every day.