softball festival

by beeprint

the softball festival is a gathering of sweet and sassy souls who have gotten together every memorial day for the past 34 years to play together. for folks who are unfamiliar with the softball festival, i have a compiled a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the amazing things you might find in jacksboro, tn this weekend:

::::: a shrine to elvis
::::: the best food you have ever had the pleasure of tasting
::::: spectacular fireworks
::::: a bloody mary stir-off
::::: dance parties until the wee hours
::::: ms. manners workshops
::::: dress up themes
::::: a fashion pope
::::: the queen of the pits
::::: the most amazing folks in the world

[dad taking a swing]

[searching for a lost wedding ring – it was found!]

 [tucker chillaxin’]

[dad explaining the merits of polka-dots]

[gabe and gigi cracking themselves up]


[meg getting feisty and complying]

[dad getting crowned fashion pope]

this weekend, i will be back east, but too far north to make it to the softball festival this year. i am thinking of all y’all  and wishing i could be there to tear it up.