by beeprint

[mulie enjoying a nap in the park in moab, may 2009]

my good friend michael barry has this special talent (one of many) of combining two people’s names into one fabulous duo nickname.  michael has talked about possibly starting up a blog of his own, which i think is a fabulous idea.  if michael had his own blog he could offer a service (for a small fee of course) of creating the perfect nickname for duo’s all over the world. just so everyone gets really pumped up about this service, here are some prime examples of michael’s handiwork: 
       michael + julie = mulie 
       sharon + joanna = shoanna
       julia + sam = jam
       meghan + ros(ie) = mosie

as used in a sentence:
“this evening shoanna and meg are flying up to denver to spend the weekend celebrating a birthday and pride with mulie. jam and i are super jealous and wish we could be there too.”

see? how cool is that?