river rocks

by beeprint

lately i’ve been overwhelmed by the details of life. my skin is thinner, or the news is worse, or….it’s hard to say, but it has felt messy, like when you look into the junk drawer and it’s all push pins, bent nails and twist ties. complicated stuff. this afternoon it felt like i finally pulled out the drawer and dumped the crap into the trash. the sun was out, the babies at my visits were all smiles and chubby thighs, and i turned off the news and turned up the music and danced in the car.

and then i found this photo of rocks in sarah marshall’s hand. it was a few summers ago, in vermont, by the creek near ginger’s house, and sarah was talking about how the progression of stones depicted the process of clarity she was looking for. from rough gravel to stripes to smooth black. today i am appreciating this sequence and grateful to be feeling some of the smoothness of river rock today.