summer food

by beeprint

i love summer food. LOVE it. yesterday i made tomato toast with a quick drizzle of balsamic and it was heaven. summertime means simple food that taste so damn good all on its own. and fresh veggies taste even better when they were grown by someone you know and love. in a couple of weeks we head back to nc to visit friends and family and i cannot wait to eat out of everyone’s gardens. yum.

so far in flagstaff, i have had zero luck with growing veggies, so hopefully the ability to garden will be one benefit of our move down to the valley. i mean, if it’s going to be hotter than hell, i might as well get a decent tomato out of it. apparently, there is a house down the street from our new place that has an informal community garden in their side yard. i am all over it.

[green tomato and corn tacodillas via honest fare]

(since my camera is lost, instead of a photo of my tomato toast, you get a photo of yummy green tomato and corn tacodillas and a link to the recipe on honest fare’s site. so yummy sounding.  i want some right now. with a cold beer.)