river farm

by beeprint

we are back in asheville, spending our last day in north carolina squeezing in family time, shopping at the massive goodwill by-the-pound shopping center, watching the brazil/chile game, and trying to wrap our minds around the reality of heading home to the dry dry desert. i have soooo many photos from the past two weeks, thanks to an enormously generous early birthday present from meg and my parents. so blog posts for the next little bit will probably be full of north carolina green and the beautiful faces of friends and family. (just a warning :) 

we are going to kick off the north carolina photos with the river farm, an amazing corner of the world in south western virginia. we got to spend a couple of days there with my parents, floating on the river, and visiting with great folks over yummy food. there was a bee swarm, an nba championship game, and biscuits that knocked my socks off, all in all a lovely welcome back to the southeast. 

[the farm house living room] 

[enjoying dusk on the deck] 

[fresh veggies for dinner] 

[afternoon light + farmhouse cooling system] 

[dog lovin’] 

[frankie with his potatoes]