random moving list number one

by beeprint

question of the day:  to take the cow skull or to leave the cow skull?

  1. one more full day in flagstaff.
  2. my car hates the hot desert. literally, it makes a really loud noise, only when it is driving  in the valley.
  3. three mechanics have not been able to figure it out.
  4. so i called car talk.
  5. they haven’t called me back yet.
  6. saying goodbye to families who i have visited weekly for the past two years is hard.
  7. we have some of the most awesome friends in the entire world here in flagstaff.
  8. they are doing a fabulous job of loving us and feeding us.
  9. thank you.
  10. i am glad we will only be 2.5 hours away.
  11. our new house is on the. same. street. as buffalo exchange – this is very dangerous.
  12. i can’t wait to begin the settling in/decorating process.
  13. i hope all our stuff fits in the moving truck.
  14. i hope my car doesn’t fall apart.