random moving list number three

by beeprint

  1. this morning i start training at my new job.
  2. i am excited. i am a little nervous. but mostly excited.
  3. i get to go to the best taco place for lunch.
  4. i think it’s going to be a good day.
  5. even though i finished the figs yesterday.
  6. i love figs.
  7. we locked ourselves out of the house last night.
  8. locksmiths are expensive.
  9. we’re going to give our neighbors a spare key today.
  10. we’re also going to buy them some nice beer for helping us move the heavy couch and letting us sit in their air-conditioned house while we waited for the locksmith.
  11. since it’s been almost a week since we moved, maybe this should be my last random moving list.