back to school

by beeprint

this week i have basked in the glory of health. my body is moving. i can breathe. these are truly amazing things.

at work i am neck-deep in preparing for my own classroom. seven years after graduating with my degree in elementary education, i am (finally) going to be a full on teacher. granted, my students are 12-20 months old, but i have grown to seriously appreciate the importance of this age. toddlers mean business.  they are inspiring folks. they are 100% themselves. they are 100% hilarious and 100% heartbreaking.  starting next week my co-teacher and i will be welcoming a class of 8 little kiddos into our super fabulous learning environment. we’ve spent this week getting everything ready. i’ve gone to ikea twice. i have a major fondness for the label-maker.  i have a new-found obsession with gross motor structures. things are happening. good things.

so, in anticipation of the new school year, we are headed up to flagstaff for one last weekend before life gets crazy. (while i will be focusing on toddlers, meg will be focusing on the opposite end of the education spectrum). we will enjoy the highs of 80 while the valley bakes under 112. we will go on long walks. we will wear jeans and long sleeves. it will be lovely. have a grand weekend friends.


[flagstaff’s train]