house redo – part 1

by beeprint

ok. i know it’s taken awhile to post pics of the new place. mostly because it still doesn’t feel totally done, but i am getting over it. so here is a post chock full of floor photos (super exciting!). i will not be offended if you don’t find this at all exciting and stop reading now. but seriously folks, this process was major. we started out with a frat filthy, carpeted, two bedroom back house and have (hopefully) turned it into a charming and renewed little house.

[peeling the first bit of the nasty carpet up]

[scraping up the carpet glue]

[geared up for the acid wash]

[addy enjoying the newly painted floor]

[dueling laptops]

[the new mega book shelf]

So. There she blows. I am sure I will be posting more photos of life on Ash Avenue as we settle in. Sorry for the sporadic posting. I have a feeling it might be the way of things for a little while now. Thanks for hanging in there friends, much obliged.