by beeprint

i know.
i’ve been gone. totally absent from this space lately. work has exhausted me. and i am still working to find my daily rhythms. i have ideas of how i want it to be, things i want to invite into my days.  i am looking forward to cooler weather (please) to explore the hiking trails in this desert city. i found an amazing yoga ecourse that i am starting next week. i want to take the holga out for a photo walk. i want to organize our closets. i want to research getting chickens for the backyard shed. i want to take a desert gardening class. i want to figure out why my feet hurt in the mornings. there are lots of good things to do.

so. i am here and there. but i am hoping to be here more. it may take a while. but i haven’t forgotten about this space. i will be back.

i miss this space.