home again home again

by beeprint

observations regarding travel to hawaii:

  1. it is beautiful in a sort of crushing/paralyzing way. absolutely gorgeous.
  2. honolulu is a giant city.
  3. renting a car is a pain in the ass. and the bank account.
  4. hawaii is breathtaking.
  5. floating in clear salty water is the best way for my body to relax.
  6. body surfing is an excellent way to feel fully alive.
  7. the north shore simultaneously reminded me of ocracoke and roatan.
  8. drinking a cold beer after salty sun afternoons is the best.
  9. weddings are a lot of work.
  10. sometimes vacations are a lot of work.
  11. even though hawaii beats phoenix, 100 to 1, i am still grateful to be home. this tells me that i am a true cancer. a major homebody.

more pictures and stories to come. now i am enjoying cool breezes coming through open windows and looking forward to seeing the littles tomorrow.

ps. random [updated] questions for readers: 1.) when you check the blog, is there a border around the photos? both photos in this post? or just the top one? 2.) are you using a pc or a mac? 3.) does this border annoy you as much as it does me?

thanks for helping with these technical difficulties!