by beeprint

it’s raining in the desert. i opened up all the  windows (4) and the one door  and aimed the fans so that they blow the cool damp air into the house. i love it. the dampness disappears, but the house feels more open and alive.

this afternoon when i was getting ready to leave work, it was raining too hard to drive, so i decided to catch up on work around the classroom. i could hear the rain pounding the roof, and the usually rambunctious room was calm and cozy. i moved the bamboo plant to a lower shelf. i vacuumed. i hung up the art work from the morning’s projects. sometimes i feel like a museum curator, designing a space around the jumps and splatters of a day with toddlers. today we painted on tin foil with blue and green paint. it was glorious. for about 90 seconds and then they moved on to the next thing that caught their fancy.

today i am grateful for:

  1. the rain in the desert,
  2. the perfect sound of waves on rocks,
  3. the cool grace of coy, and
  4. the blue and green fingerprints i found on my leg in the shower .