i dream of here

by beeprint

[photo found via mossiere – not sure of original source]

tonight i went to my second yoga class at the tempe recreation center and it was pretty terrific. first, there are ballet bars along the mirrored walls, which makes me flash back to when i was 5-10, taking dance lessons and choreographing my own dances to phil collins’ songs every weekend. second, there is a mural of human-size teddy bears in leotards and leg warmers on the opposite wall. third, there were 3 of us in class tonight. fourth, we did yoga to nelly furtado and banjo tunes, and it worked. fifth, our teacher is totally no-nonsense, all business in a way that i truly appreciate. i have a newfound love for community recreation centers. seriously, check yours out.

this is (vaguely) connected to the above photo because that photo captures the scene that i settle in when i am day dreaming, or going into savasana. it reminds me of the farm-house screened porch at the river farm, it is green, it is home.

what is your image? where do you dream of?

ps. i have been loving all of your comments this week. it’s nice to be back in this space and i am honored that folks keep stopping by this little space.