by beeprint

[if you look closely, you can see that someone left  yellow hand prints on his head….]

today they napped like champions. personally, i think this is because it was cool and rainy and felt like fall. their butts got soaked from sitting in puddles outside, but everyone was calm, cool and collected for the rest of the day. they loved the beans and rice that we had for lunch. by the time they finished,  they all had brown bean-juice beards dripping down their chins. i got lots of hugs. my back didn’t hurt, and the day flowed just like it should to.

after work i went straight to yoga and there were only two of us in class tonight. i love it when you get to the point where a teacher begins to know you, and notice the places where your body is strong and the places where it’s not so strong. when it gets to that point, yoga can feel so tender and healing. coming home, the dog and i went out into the backyard, just as some guys went by riding on the front of a train engine (have i mentioned that i love the train tracks that go through our back yard?). they were cheering for the rain that started pouring as they chugged by. addy and i ran inside and now we are cozy, listening to the rain and smelling the beauty that is a wet desert.

happy wednesday my friends. i like it here today.