by beeprint


time is flying.
or i am getting old.
or i am freaking out about turning 30.
or there isn’t enough time to do everything that i want to do.
or i am not getting my shit together and just doing what i want to do.
or time is flying, and i can’t stay in the saddle.
or something.

i think a part of it is that my body (including my brain) is so confused by the seasons (or lack there of) in tempe. it was 110 degrees when we moved here. now it’s 75 during the day and a nice cool crisp 50ish at night. but the leaves are still on the trees, still green, and flowers are still blooming. it doesn’t feel like it’s mid november in the slightest. if anything, it feels like april. or july in alaska. but not almost thanksgiving. if i pay attention to the weather, i am actually moving backwards in seasons, not forward. right. so i feel like i am in a bit of a time warp. i head back to north carolina for some quality family and chosen family visiting time later this week and i am hoping the east coast fall weather will help ground my body and mind in the moment.

[a river farm walk in december, 2007]