being good to myself

by beeprint

i’ve gotten sick at least five times in the past 6 months. this is ridiculous. my co-workers tell me that it’s typical your first year working with toddlers. on friday i spend half an hour rocking a feverish half-naked baby until his mom could pick him up. it makes sense. they sneeze and cough on my food and face all the time. i get it, but i hate being sick. it’s frustrating and annoying.

so i am going to take it up a notch. i’ve recently found some yoga podcasts that i really enjoy doing at home. i have more space in my brain and my muscles feel strong after i take the time to practice. i am going to pay attention to that. i am going to eat more greens. i love greens. i just need to make sure i always have them in the fridge. less sugar. even when i am crashing and someone offers me chocolate. more tea. less coffee. i am not really into new year’s resolutions, but i am into paying attention to what my body is not-so-subtly requesting demanding.

*photo found via google images – original source not found.