vitamin d land

by beeprint

i am feeling much better this week, thanks to two sick days at home and 4 gallons of ginger/lemon/honey tea. i’ve also eaten 6 bunches of kale in the last week and am now taking vitamin d every day. i know, it’s weird for someone living in phoenix to take vitamin d. you’d think i could get enough from the sun. apparently i need to strengthen my vitamin d reserves. hopefully i will stay healthy the rest of the flu season, but i am not putting any money on it. just today we had to send one of the little ones home with a fever. and they are pretty much all snot machines these days, and not exactly fans of blowing their noses or having them wiped. it’s really no wonder i’ve been sick once a month since i started this job, close physical contact with snot encrusted cuddle buckets will get you every time.  anyway. i will try not to bore you all with my tales of virus woe.

instead i am going to share come beautiful prints/collages i stumbled across. i love the starkness, the contrast and the mix of nature with bold shapes. yes. and the prints are extremely affordable. you can’t beat 20 bucks.

landscapes by tom edwards