life news + rainy saturday

by beeprint

it’s been blowing dust and spitting rain this morning in tempe. this feels like a major weather event in the city where it is always sunny. the overcast bluster makes me want to drink tea under quilts all day. which i just might do.

2011 has been a full year so far and we are only two months in. my good news is that i was accepted to smith college’s masters of social work program. to say that i am thrilled is a massive understatement. i think this program is going to be as close to a perfect match as i can expect to find. it works a bit differently than most programs in that you are only on campus taking classes during the summers and the rest of the year you are working in the field. my field placement is in durham, nc, which is pretty much the best thing ever, because it means i get to live where i want to while i do the work/school that i want to. you really can’t beat that. so i got accepted, but i am going to defer so that i can start next summer. june 2012. this means that meg will be able to finish up the course work in her program and we won’t have to do our relationship long distance style – or at least not for a year +. this means that i have a yeah to really build up my anticipation and excitement, a year to be a better reader, a year to soak up the goodness in arizona, and a year in which i don’t have to worry about what our next steps are, because it’s already taken care of. these are all great things.

the not-so-great news is that i just found out that i have valley fever. which helps explain my chronic cold/flu symptoms over the past couple of months and why i can’t really seem to get better. it feels good to at least know why i’ve been feeling so crappy and have some ideas about how to go about treating it. and it explains why meg never got sick – it’s not contagious. so yeah, thanks phoenix, you really welcomed me to the desert with all your bells and whistles. next time you might want to keep your airborne fungus to yourself if you are trying to win someone over. just sayin’.