i love clothes

by beeprint

[all images by Jeana Sohn from closet visit]

i love clothes. sometimes i try to pretend that i don’t, but it’s true, i do.  i always have. growing up, i used to change costumes outfits five times a day. easy peasy. even now i change a lot, though more often than not, i will end up in my favorite jeans and a t-shirt. but whatever, i like the process. it feels like a sculpture project. how to layer colors, how to build texture, balance slouch with class, femme with butch. dress up is still one of my favorite games, especially when i am in a feisty mood and home alone with the music turned up loud .

which is why i love the site closet visit. artist jeana sohn visits fashionable women and takes gorgeous photos of their drool worthy wardrobes and homes. for the most part these closets have too many high heels and dry clean only garments for my reality, but they are still amazing eye candy. check them out.