meals from our weekend

by beeprint

i’ve been taking pictures of our plates of food since we moved south to tempe. i think sometimes it seems like a miracle that we actually feed ourselves interesting meals. i am also constantly astounded that the most simple meals are the ones i love. like most folks, i think we often get in a rut of eating the same 3-4 things over and over. i am always curious what everyone else’s 3-4 things are. so here is a sampling of our recent meals. tonight i made quinoa, steamed chard, and i am going to throw a fried egg on top with lots of balsamic vinegar, nutritional yeast and hot sauce. i would eat some variation of this meal every night if i lived alone. what are your 3-4 reliable meals? what would you eat every night if you lived alone? i might keep posting random photos of our meals. unfortunately, our kitchen is lit by a giant fluorescent light, so the photos are all grossly yellow. sorry. just think, at least you don’t have to cook all your meals under fluorescent lighting. . .

saturday morning breakfast:

  1. chard
  2. red onions
  3. really tasty corn tortilla
  4. scrambled eggs (not pictured)

saturday dinner:

  1. pineapple and red onion pizza from otto’s
  2. “mexican” hot sauce from sunflower market
  3. beer (meg) and white wine (rose)


sunday dinner:

  1. wild turbot filets
  2. really tasty corn tortilla
  3. guacamole
  4. sautéed onions and red peppers
  5. fried (in coconut oil) platanos
  6. salad greens
  7. plain yogurt
  8. “mexican”  hot sauce from sunflower market