by beeprint

[a. working real hard to push a truck around the playground.]

happy friday to my peeps! here is a list to celebrate with. because lists are worthy of celebration.

  1. it’s 84 degrees at 5pm. it feels real real nice. especially with a cold beverage in hand.
  2. i am allowed to brag about this weather in march, because in a month or so, walking outside will feel like having a hair dryer blowing into my eyeballs. all. the. time.
  3. i love toddlers.
  4. toddlers drive me crazy.
  5. our next door neighbors are getting married in their  backyard (which sorta feels like our backyard) tomorrow. it’s gorgeous; decorated with paper lanterns, orange-lined pathways, raised veggie beds, green green grass, and neon flowers. i like to sit in our (rather dingy) backyard and stare at the manicured goodness that is their ceremony.
  6. i am missing my musician friends lately. i need that music that leaves sticky fingerprints on your heart and compels you sing along at the top of your lungs.
  7. i brought home 7 grapefruits from work today.
  8. i dreaming of a new bicycle. one with baskets. and a banana seat.
  9. in 3 months, i will turn 30 on a friday. this is cause for major celebration.
  10. love you all. seriously. happy friday. be good to yourselves.