a sunday drive/research

by beeprint

yesterday meg and i took a drive to the [teeny tiny] town of mobile, about an hour southwest of phoenix. meg is writing a paper about the community and their struggle to keep a 4th landfill from being sited in their town. there is a lot more background to the story than that, maybe i will get meg to write-up a blog post when she finishes her paper.

on our research expedition i got to be co-pilot and photographer. it was refreshing to drive beyond the sprawl of phoenix and see the desert in all of her glory. it felt apocalyptic at times. the sky was low and a creepy white. and even though it felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, there was a lot of traffic. all driving off into the hazy white  sunset. and we saw a coyote run across the dirt road ahead of us.

there is a desolate beauty in the wide open space of the desert.
good space for quiet thoughts and reflections.