things of note

by beeprint

  1. my bike chain broke on my way to work this morning. luckily it broke within sight of my building and i could coast to the bike rack.
  2. biking  here is like peddling into a hair dryer.
  3. everyday i wish that i could dive into the lake above after my hair dryer ride home. that would make everything better.
  4. the pink light on the water kills me.
  5. this is what summertime should look like.
  6. two weeks ago i accidentally sprayed my laptop keyboard with this stuff. it was in the same drawer as the spray air. i was so mad i didn’t talk to myself for days.
  7. amazingly, my computer was working better after its sticky bath.
  8. meg accidentally dropped my computer on the concrete floor tuesday.
  9. amazingly, it’s working even better now.
  10. i decided that if my laptop can work under those conditions, surely i can blog a bit. surely.