thanksgiving ::: friends and their kitchens

gigi & micah’s kitchen:  we ate bowls of chili and yummy breakfasts

leonora & genna’s kitchen:
  we ate a birthday feast and breakfast-for-lunch   

miriam & chris’s kitchen:
  we ate eggs and tomato soup and grilled cheese
with a side of wild rice salad


liz and jake’s kitchen:
  we ate risotto and a shrimp feast  (thanks to claire and matt)

we ate really really well. and that was just the week before thanksgiving.
thanks for filling us up friends!


thanksgiving ::: the lookout hike

 every year after we fill our bellies with turkey and fixings,
we climb lookout mountain.
and then we go back to the house and fill our bellies
with ruby’s famous upside down apple pies.

thanksgiving in black and white

i love this family of mine:

[kitchen standing and wine drinking, two things we excel at]

[thank you amy for getting this picture]

[pretty mama of mine]

[baby max meets his great grandparents]



we have a pomegranate tree in our backyard and this year it has a bumper crop of big beautiful pomegranates. they are such impressive fruit. labor intensive, but amazing. meg calls them “little jewels of goodness.” last weekend we picked a big basketful and i set up a cleaning station on our front stoop. i listened to music and picked out the little seeds as the sun goes went down over the railroad tracks. i have to admit, i was pretty much in love with this desert in that moment. it’s hard to beat a pomegranate tree in your backyard.

just dance

thank you elizabeth pastorfield-li for making this video of your dancing feet.

happy friday y’all.

upside down

[photos by mav of MORE & CO – a beautiful and inspiring place to visit]

how do you feel about being upside down? personally, i find it a bit disconcerting.
in theory, i know it is good for my brain and my body to switch things up and let gravity shift it all around, but in reality, there is voice that shouts “no! keep your head up top, don’t kick your legs up like that – you might fall!” and even though i can manuever myself into a head stand, actually doing it always gives me butterflies and makes my palms sweat a little. but i totally get it, inversions are good for me.


this is my happy place:

where my legs shake in warrior, where i sweat puddles onto my mat, where i breathe like darth vader, where i chaturanga my heart out, where i find whispers of stillness.

i hope you all find some sweet fall stillness this weekend. i am headed up the mountain for snow(!) and a world-famous cocktail party.