[image via best made projects]

i have moved approximately 20 times in my 30 years. this might lead one to believe that moving is a piece of cake for me. one would be sorely mistaken if that were one’s conclusion.

moving stresses me out. my right eye starts twitching. i start stalking liquor stores obsessively, trying to find the best boxes.  i dream of clean empty spaces. i buy  wine in a box, which turns out, is a necessary packing tool when its 100+ degrees outside.

but today the temperature dropped almost 20 degrees and the sky was heavy with rain that kept evaporating before it made it to the ground. it smelled like growth. and the anxiety is shifting towards excitement. and that, my friends, is a really nice change.

ps. this is the funniest moving story of all time.


desert botanical no. 1

primary color love: ocotillos and palo verdes against the dry blue sky.

what i will miss about the desert #1:

cacti and succulents.
these plants have always been my favorites
and i will miss getting to live among them in their natural environment.

stay tuned for more cacti love –
we finally made it to the desert botanical gardens this weekend
and i have days of aloes and saguaro in store for you. . . .

dudley do right

the handsome gent on the right is my pops.  and today is his birthday.
way to be born and way to grow up into the most rad grown up ever.

love you dad.

the napping house


today was:

:: cool and windy
:: cleaning out closets and cabinets
:: sending love to ohio
:: wondering about what the next couple of years will look like
:: napping
:: later there will be kale and chicken and sleeping with the window open

happy saturday y’all

desert winter||||raining

 [water color by dearcatherina]

it’s been raining cats and dogs for the past two days. our street is flooded. our roof is leaking. and i kinda like it.  things (like water) don’t usually fall from the sky here, so i will take it when i can get it. and it’s a good excuse to sip whiskey and wear sweaters.

happy almost winter y’all.

heartfelt singing

[if i could have a soundtrack for my commute, this would be it]

it’s been cold on my bike ride to work in the mornings.
real cold. in the 30’s. not pretend desert cold.

i wear my red felted mittens that mom made for me 10+ years ago.
they haven’t aged at all. they are still brightest red and the warmest.

everyday i pass the same dog walkers.
the construction crew giving the art building  a new coat of pink paint.
(for the record, i prefered the old sun-bleached pink over the new pink).
the spaced-out students bundled and exhausted from finals.
the landscaping crews zooming around in their golf-carts. 
it’s not a bad commute at all.